The curriculum in Jingle Bells Kindergarten is designed in such a way so that the child learn in a systematic manner we update ourselves to keep up with the international standards.

What makes us unique is a different corners.

Alphabet Corners , Akshar Gyan , Numbers World, Experiment Corner, General Knowledge, Music, Dance, Skating, Story-telling, Puppet Theatre, Explorative Play, Experiential Learning, CCA, Competitions, Zoommer Sports, Circle Time, Theme Time and Educational Trips.

Child Centered Methodology is based on

  1. Circle Time - Developing Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Pincer Skills through activities.

  2. Theme Time - Based on topic to emphasis on speaking independently.

  3. Explorative Play - Developing Observation problem solving ability, critical thinking.

  4. Experiential Learning - Learning by doing.

  5. Phonics Instruction - Helps to become fluent in reading and speaking independently.

  6. E-Learning - Learning through in audio-visual learning.

  7. Morning Routine - Helps child to overcome stage fear, understand values of prayer. Identify date, day, month, year and readiness to read.


Professionally qualified, trained and experienced staff is appointed to teach the children so that there is an overall development of mental, physical, social and emotional well-being.


Daily assessments of children are done for continuous improvement and better outcome. It helps to determine children's understanding by which the curriculum can be modified and teaching methods can be adjusted as per their need.